During the pandemic, we have been by our students' side every minute. We haven't closed a single day! Now that we can operate again, we have decided to do everything possible to protect our students, employees, teachers and owners. You will see in the studio our anti-covid measures and especially the implementation in certain Idolems of our LIFEBOXES. Those transparents boxes available for you to practice your yoga like it use to be. We will evolve our anti-covid-19 measures with the wishes of our community and the recommendations of Health Canada. Even though this period has been extremely difficult for our network, we are proud to say that we are reopening all our studios and that we now also offer you 100 lessons per week in rebroadcast on the web so that our most fearful people can continue their practice from home.

All united to live happily.


what is it?

Hot Yoga at IDOLEM is a series of very dynamic postures and breathing exercises practiced in a room heated to body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius. It is a physical discipline that works the muscles in depth and allows them to be defined. Hot Yoga is aimed at women and men, beginners and experienced alike, and represents real sports training exercised gently.


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