In exchange for the payment of the subscription and immediately after the signing of this contract, the merchant agrees to allow the new member to attend all scheduled courses in a safe manner.


Other specifications:

1. The subscriber declares to be physically healthy to undertake physical training. They must consult their physician for himself before beginning his participation in the course.

2. The subscriber acknowledges that there are risks associated with its participation in physical activities and training. The merchant, its representatives and employees are released from any cause of action that may arise from his/her negligence or from his/her guests.

3. This subscription can be shared or transfer in part. It may be transferred at $50.00 as administration fees. If a person is using a subscription that is not under his/her name, a penalty of 3 courses or 2 weeks will be deducted from his account (The studio will make the final decision about the penalty)

4. The opening hours and school hours are modifiable with notices posted in the studios and on the website. The summer opening hours and the number of courses can be alleviated. We do accept students that are late maximum 5 min after de starting time of the class. After that delay, it will be dangerous for you to join the yoga class, as the warm up part will be missed.

5. The use of shoes during classes (that did not come from outside of the studio) in the Zumba field is mandatory. Also the use of a towel (rented or not) on the Yoga mats is mandatory.

6.The online reservations guarantee a priority on the attendance of the class. The remaining availability operate as first come, first served.

7. The subscriber can use his subscription in all IDOLEM centers. Reimbursement or other membership requests, must be done by the studio where the membership was purchased

8. In case the customer is late 5 minutes or more, the studio has the right not to grant access to the member in order to avoid disturbance in the class. However, the class will not count from its subscription.

9. In case the client reserves his spot and does not show up and the course is full, a class will be deducted from his/her membership.

10. If the client reserves, and does not show up, and that this course was not full, the customer will be credited with his course at his request.

11. In case of bounced checks or disputed payment on credit, a fee of $ 35 must will be added on the final payment to cover the banking fee.

12. In case of scheduled credit cards payments that does not go through, we will notify the customer. In case that we do not get a response, we'll try to charge the card every week until payment goes through with a $10.00 fees to cover banking charges.

13. By signing this contract, I confirm that my intentions are none other than the sport. I am aware that any partial or total copy of IDOLEM program, copying the teachers program or transfer this information to a competitor for commercial purposes constitutes a fraud subject to prosecution.

14. Our 10-lesson cards have an expiration of 1 year, 20 lessons card 2 years and 40 lessons card 3 years

15. Under no circumstances do we refund subscriptions purchased, only transfers or pausing is possible.

16. Note that we are not classified as a Health Studio in the eyes of the OPC and therefore we do not have the same rules as gyms.
17. Wearing a mask, hand washing and the vaccination pass are obligations set by the Government of Quebec and it is the client's responsibility to comply with the law. We continue to offer our services and provide access to all of our courses, we are not responsible if the student voluntarily decides not to comply with the law and no longer use their subscription.

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