IDOLEM... your daily wellness ritual

*Adapté dans les studios selon les mesures sanitaires.

IDOLEM has been an essential wellness break in the lives of its Idolyogis for more than 10 years.

We now take our concept even further to offer you a sacred ritual, in just a few carefully chosen steps. You will be submerged in an ultimate and active personal care experience you will want to repeat at least 3 times a week.

YOGIC SPA experience



Setting myself an intention - Registration for my class

5 minutes


What brings you here today? What is your goal? Why is it important to take care of yourself? The answers to these questions will allow us to know you better, guide you and help you achieve your goals.


I let go - Tea of the day and preordering your smoothie

5 minutes


Take the time to enjoy a good tea made by our tea master and paired with the courses presented on our schedule. Take the opportunity to reserve your refreshing juice that will be waiting for you at the end of your class.


Getting my mody ready - Halotherapy

10 minutes


A zone, Zen and pure, where you will enjoy the benefits of gentle halotherapy, which like a weekend at the beach, helps clear the airways and calm the nervous system.


Start relaxing - Yoga and sensory ourney

60 to 75 minutes


Lie down in the energy radiant heated yoga room, which heats the elements and keeps the air fresh and comfortable. The best teachers have been carefully selected to guide you through your practice so that your only priority will be you and your awareness of your body’s limits.

Our rooms are immersed in a soft and gentle atmosphere so that neither comparison nor judgment have any place in your practice.

Enjoy projections of soothing images that like a sensory escape, will take you on your journey.

At the time of the well-deserved Shavasana, a fresh towel infused with essential oils will be placed tenderly on your forehead.


I regenerate myself  - Savouring my smoothie

5 minutes


Stay in the present moment and continue your relaxation by letting your body temperature drop under a good shower. In the meantime, we help you regenerate your muscles and body by preparing your healthy juice at a very reasonable price. The latter will bear your name and will be waiting for you at a designated location.

Did you know that it is essential to feed your body within the first 20 minutes after physical exercise? This is the arrival point where you offer your blood circulation and heart rate the time to return to normal and your body the time to sanely nourish.

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